Meet the Characters

So let's see who we've met so far. I wonder how they all fit into this breathing conflagration I call a story... Stay tuned for additional updates.

  • The Gambler - An excerpt from his journal was released (The Gambler's Journal). It does not afford us a date, but a time of 2:30AM is found for an apparent new entry. His name has not yet been discovered. It seems that he has survived a plague of sorts for at least a couple weeks. He is part of a group of people led by 'James'. We know at least 3 people are in the group, but it feels like there are more. Who is this Gambler?

  • Maggie Davis - Mother of Tyler Davis and James O'Malley. We get a glimpse into a strange encounter in her past (The Witch's Door). We also learn a little of her sons and the losses they have experienced. What's with the bloody nose and will we see more of her two boys?

  • James O'Malley - We heard bits and pieces of a 'James' from the Gambler's journal, could this be the same 'James' mentioned in: (The Witch's Door)?
  • Tyler Davis - Highschool football player and biological son of Maggie Davis. Lost his father and gained an adoptive brother. We learn more of him in (The Witch's Door).

    • Stay tuned...

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