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Please check here for upcoming information on soon to be generated short stories, novels and who knows what else.

01/10/2012 - I am using this entire site as a tickler of sorts. I am working on a novel, a vast undertaking for me. As such, I have been finding that, adding pieces of the puzzle has been both exciting for me as well as interesting. It is allowing me to post glimpses into who my characters are and what they have, or will encounter. Each post will begin to put you, the reader, deeper into my universe. I apologize if you don't like to get information in this manner, one detailed glimpse at a time. But for me, it has been refreshing. My dear friend, Becca Harris, has a blog called, (Bony Fingered Limbs). She has been issuing weekly Flash Fiction Challenges. This is exciting, because I am using her challenges to fine tune pieces of our story. What this is helping me to do for example, is stretch what I already know about my characters and what they have already experienced in their universe and craft something new for them that helps made them more well rounded.

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